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101–199 Catalpa St Monroe, LA
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This is a toy lot I'm selling. Some of the figures are used and in excellent condition some of the other figures are new. I'm selling the whole lot as all of them must go. I'm not splitting them up. One figure has a Terrax BAF piece.
1. Play Arts Kai Super Girl used (all pieces are included excellent condition)
2. Vintage Mania King (Galvatron) excellent condition
3. Marvel Legend Ironman Terrax part used excellent condition
4. Marvel Legend Tigra (exclusive excellent condition)
5. Marvel Legend Hellcat
6. Marvel Legend Mystique (all weapons)
7. Marvel Legend War Machine
8. Marvel Legend Iron Fist (white/Gold)
9. Marvel Universe Beast and Bishop (new)
10. Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Black Panther (new)
11. Marvel Legend Target exclusive 3pk Captain America and Radiation Man (No Ms. Marvel)
12. Transformers Generations Takara Bumblebee(used)
13. Transformers (Hasbro) Scourge used excellent condition.
14. Marvel Legends Thundra no BAF
DM me if interested.
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@shanehines thank you. Just ready to sell and ship.




@parkpark thank you. I'm just making room. Hopefully someone will buy the lot so I can ship away.


Wow this is a great deal man

64 4 3


101–199 Catalpa St
Monroe, LA


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