New Boxes Team Competition today!🏆Winning team gets $750 cash!

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The brand new Battle of the Teams III: Sprint to Summer competition starts today!🏆☀️🌴

You can earn some money for your summer collecting habits! We designed this competition so everyone can compete and the top people on the top 3 teams will win cash with the top team winning $750 cash!💰💰

See the details below or read more about it here

Competition Details:

Collectors work together to generate the highest points for their team. Your activity on Boxes gets you and your team points. The points you earn go towards your team’s total point score. The team with the highest points by May 19th wins $750 cash! and the remaining top 2 teams will win cash too! (see below for details)

Here’s how to get points:

- 1 point per 10 likes on an item (Get more likes by taking great photography, which helps your items go popular)
- 1 point per each item you share to a social network outside Boxes (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
- 5 points per person that follows you
- 10 points per item add from your personal collection
- 1000 points per person that joins a team

💥Bringing Friends Bonus Points💥

Bring 3 friends to Boxes using your invite code during the competition and you’ll earn yourself and your team 10,000 bonus points. (One person per device. Points apply to the team you’re leading in.)

💥Adding Items Bonus Points💥

Your first 100 items added during the competition will get you bonus points depending on what category of followers your account falls into.

- 0 to 100 total followers = 8,000 points
- 101 to 500 total followers = 6,000 points
- 501 to 1000 total followers = 4,000 points
- 1001 to 2000 total followers = 2,000 points


Competition Questions/Answers:

How do I get on a team?
Every category on Boxes will become a team. Just add 5 or more items to a category and you'll automatically be added to that team. For example, if you add 5 or more items to the comics category you'll be placed on the Comics Team.

How do I add an item to a category?
When you create a box, you select a category to associate with that box. Any item you add to that box will be placed in the category you selected for the box.

How do I win the team competition?
The team that has the most points by May 19th wins the competition. Get the biggest collectors you know to join your team, then you and your teammates can add as many items from your personal collections to build up the most points.

Who gets the prize money for the competition?
The top 5 people that earned the most points on the winning team gets $400 cash for 1st place, $200 for 2nd place, and $50 each for 3rd, 4th, and 5th places. The top 3 people on the remaining 2 top teams will receive $25 cash each.

👇Important Competition Rules👇

The rules are easy and are meant to make the competition fair and fun for everyone:

- Don’t add the same items more than once.
- Don’t remove items already added to Boxes and add them again for the competition.
- Items must be named/titled properly. Name the item for what it actually is and don’t use a generic name.
- Be fair and don’t dismantle or separate components of your items. (For example, pieces and parts of figures or board games.) In most cases it's needed to individualize items, but only where applicable.
- The items you add must be from your personal collection.
- Make sure you place your items into the proper categories (i.e. DVDs should not be in Toys).

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Great work from the boxes team


I will be lurking, but def enjoy seeing how competitive things can get


@peejay Can't wait to see your awesome photography. Always enjoy stuff from you. Def think you have a huge chance at winning this.


Cool 😁


It's going to be an interesting competition


Trading card team got this!!




I like the new feature of points for each follower you gain


Cant wait to see the incredible photography people add of their collections


That is a lot of money 😳

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