Avengers Assemble #25

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Toxic Doxie and her operatives close in on the AIM base where the remaining coccoon is held, where she plans to take the coccoon and burn everything else to the ground in revenge. Spider-Girl and the Avengers converge on the base shortly after, ironically intending to save their enemies from being murdered by Covington. Hawkeye and Spider-Girl close in on Toxic Doxie, but the poison she breathes keeps Clint at bay. Thanks to Wolverine's advice, Anya came prepared with a gas mask and takes on Doxie herself, ultimately webbing up her nose and mouth to stop the flow of toxic gas. Thanks to Spider-Woman's advice she studied up on Covington enough to know her gills allowed her to breathe without the standard human respiratory system.

Later, Steve Rogers expresses his gratitude to Anya by sending her the "Fight As One" ringtone she wanted.

51 0 1


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