Miss Opal Castor - Assemblage Sculpture

152 Spruce St Denver, CO
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Miss Opal Castor - From my "Halloween 17" Collection
I love the color palette on this piece. Miss Opal's head is vintage German Armand Marseille porcelain. Her body and legs are vintage composition with old wooden factory spools for her arms. All painted and distressed with acrylics and oils. Her crocheted dreads are black as night and few of them transition into grays and periwinkle. She wears very old opalescent children's cat glasses that feature tiny stars. I love them. Sleepy eyes adorned with microbeads, paints and carbon beaded tears. I made Opal a necklace of vintage beads and an old cream coloured crucifix which I coloured with oil pastel. Black onyx buttons for her earrings, waxed threads, a dark lip, A wooden bead hip and a hip that I made from an old storybook doll head. A skull swizzle stick with an oragami crown and rhinestone eyes. Plastic skeleton fingers and an old green rooster cocktail pick.
Crystalline beads, vintage arcade tokens, wire, wax, and a thrift store bracelet for her skirt.
I love the giant 80's cream and rhinestone bangle that I have used for her crown. It's majestic and holds a removable resin casting of a kitten skull (that you can place as you like). So much detail. Such a story to tell. Miss Opal Castor is 21 inches and comes with a hanging kit.
Enjoy, Paul
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152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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