X-Men: Magneto Testament Vol. 1 #5 of 5 (2009)

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"On Kristallnacht, my father wanted to fight. But then the Nazis might have killed the whole family. In the ghetto, I could have gutted a Nazi murderer. But then they would have killed a hundred Jews in retaliation. Two months ago, I could have pushed the Hauptscharfuhrer into the fire pit. But then they would have killed the rest of my work crew. So to save everyone, I did nothing. And guess what? They killed them all anyway." -- Max Eisenhardt

Appearing in "Magneto: Testament (Part 5)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:
•unnamed prisoners

•Nazis - Schutzstaffel

Other Characters:
•Nurse Shulman

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133 0 3


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