The Silver Surfer #49

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Drax has arrived on Titan to wait for the Silver Surfer. He cannot explan what has happened with his limited wits to Mentor and Starfox.

Meanwhile, the Surfer rushes toward Earth, having been delayed by his meeting with Galactus. Thanos plans to delay the Surfer even more. He and Mephisto transport to a peaceful planet, where he takes a resident and bestows it with his infinite power and his evil disposition, but only temporarily. He sends it on a path to the Surfer.

Traveling to Earth, the Surfer senses peril on a nearby planet. He cannot ignore it. It is a Kree outpost and everyone has been murdered gruesomely. He is then attacked by the creature Thanos sent. It's power is incredible but runs out after the time limit is up. Thanos realizes that it was pointless to delay him since him mission will amount to nothing.

Thanos' stone statue from his last 'death' on Titan regains life.

78 0 1


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