Philippi Design Nic Business Card Dispenser

1928 Holly Rd Highland Park, IL
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This brand new business card dispenser by Jan Philippi Design comes in its original box and packaging.

— Preview Window
— Stainless Steel

For a prestigious appearance, Nic is an elegant business card dispenser that boasts a preview window. This extraordinary design, and the high-quality material of which it is made, makes Nic to a stylish companion; not only in business life.

Product Details

Colors: Silver
Materials: Stainless Steel
Measurements: 4"L x 2.5"W x 0.2"H
Origin: Germany


I agree, and I couldn't believe how inexpensive relatively speaking it was when I Initially purchased it. If you or anybody else would like to purchase this business card dispenser, the price is by no means set in stone. Thanks!




The design looks amazing

62 2 3


1928 Holly Rd
Highland Park, IL


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