Orient Birdcage Hat

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From my 'Moschell Hats Box'.
A vintage Chinese coolie hat that I repainted with silk fabric paints to bring out the original design and show more pattern. REALLY old birdcage sewn into place atop the hat. A tiny vintage bisque doll that my fave Sister-In-Law sent to me perched like a tiny bird on the swing with wings made from my own pet finches feathers and tiny snail shell boobies. On top, a porcelain doll head wearing his own hat made of a pheasant skull that I dyed and then gave sight to with vintage mechanical and milky old blinking eyes and added beaded feather piggy tails. Dyed light blue rooster feathers fill the floor of the cage. Pheasant feathers. Dropped feathers from my own tiny finches. Bamboo crisscrosses in the front. Wire and extra acrylic and quite a bit of oil pastel. Old faux bird with a thimble for a hat. Fabric trim. Beads strung for dingle dangles around the rim and some tiny origami sushi make up this fairy tale of a headpiece/sculpture ... A twisted taste of The Orient. Check out my other hats in my hat 'Box'.
Enjoy ~ Paul
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This is gorgeous!


@paulmoschell I saw your article on the Boxes blog. Great read!


@chadmax thank ya!


Wow this is fantastic. Its amazing to see what you made, especially considering that the base is a birdcage!

27 1 0


7739–7799 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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