Marvel Collector Corp: Nö 1

31428 31st Ave SW Federal Way, WA
28 2 2

Marvel collector corps Nö1 and guardians team-up

Guardian team ups has one the the best cross over side stories by far
This is the first edition collect Corps variant

My love for guardians of the galaxy is strong

can you wait to see the movie ;) vol2 is going to be awesome

#avengers #guardianofthegalaxy #groot #marvelsavengers #teamup #marvelcollectorscorps #2015 #marvelart #marvelfan #marvelcomics

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What is going on with those Deadpool heads?


you have yourself a nice collection of goodies there 👍🏼


What's that hulk figure?

28 2 2


31428 31st Ave SW
Federal Way, WA


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