1950’s Wilson A9906 Double Bar Catchers Mask

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I found this vintage 1950's Wilson model number A9906 "Double Bar" Catchers Mask at a thrift store in Deer Park, WA. The mask features a leather covered hair filled padding that is buttoned to the one piece cast heat treated magnesium frame. The Wilson "Made in U.S.A" brand name and model number is located on the adjustable head straps. Wilson started to use the A-prefix in their model numbers for equipment in the 1950's.

The one piece Two-bar style catchers masks started to hit the market with more regularity in the 1940's and became more popular by the 1950s. A lot of the earlier 1940s "platform masks," look similar to the 1950s models, but, the one piece aluminum casting horizontal crossbar mask, had the leather padding laced to the frame. The electric wielded steel wire masks from the 1930s still dominated the market. This might be due to reserving materials for the war effort. This style catchers mask made it into the 1960's, but were more streamlined.

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