Bespoke Line of Trade Slim Leather Wallet

1948 Holly Rd Highland Park, IL
38 0 3

This wallet from Line of Tra*e has four Credit Card slots and a center pouch for cash. Original MSRP $75

From Manufacturer:
This slim, refined take will lighten your back pocket while easily fitting everything you need. It’s made out of the same resilient, buttery leather that Red Wing uses for their boots, so you know it’ll last for ages and only improve with time. There’s just the right amount of space for cards (up to 15 of ‘em) and cash in the hidden center pocket. And it’s all easy to access thanks to the layered pocket design that lays flat in your pocket to eliminate bulk. You’ll wonder how ever put up with your old version.

(L) 3" x (W) 4"
5 mm thick
Five pockets


Love this


Great looking wallet

38 0 3


1948 Holly Rd
Highland Park, IL


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