DC New 52 Green Lantern Vol. 3 The End Graphic Novel

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Nearly a decade in the making, #GreenLanternTheEnd sees visionary writer #GeoffJohns bid farewell to the character and concept he redefined for a new generation, creating one of the definitive super-hero sagas of the new millennium. It's the epic conclusion you've been waiting for, featuring stunning art by superstar #DougMahnke and other comics greats! Collects Green Lantern 13-20.

#HalJordan is dead... and only the New Green Lantern can save him!

#GreenLantern Hal Jordan is no more. His power ring passed on to an unlikely new bearer: car thief and suspected terrorists #SimonBaz. Though wrongfully accused, Simon is on the run from the US Government and the #JusticeLeague, hoping to use his newfound power to clear his name.

But with the #GreenLanternCorps's masters, the #GuardiansoftheUniverse, gone mad and turning against the Lanterns, Simon is largely on his own and in way over his head trying to set things right.

Can Earth's new untrained Green Lantern pull off an incredible heist... and steal Hal Jordan out of the land of the dead?

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very cool


love the green lantern!

52 1 1


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