Loretta's Other Sister

101 Spruce St Denver, CO
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This IS "Loretta's Other Sister". I do not know Loretta. But this is one of her sisters.
High Pigment Watercolor On Arches Hot Press Paper.
A Beautiful Portrait Of Loretta's Other Sister. I love this painting. She is such a natural beauty. 9 x 11 inches.
Enjoy ~ Paul
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Do you sell any of your pieces? I just love them!


@iboscar4 the green is just an extension of the paper .. Painted. @rollers not as of yet. They are really 2 different processes. But I wouldn't be surprised if I actually did complete a complimentary sculpture and painting one day. :)


Is the green a painted frame?


You do such great work! Do you have any paintings that are based on one of your sculptures?

85 2 2


101 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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