The Amazing Spider-man #321

70 0 1

Spider-Man and Paladin fight Life Foundation goons. While Paladin obtains information, Spider-Man hops a ride home on top of a subway train. At the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake verifies that the Protectors are ready. Peter confronts Aunt May over the heart disease prognosis he overheard. She tells him it's Nathan that has six months left. The next day, Peter and Mary Jane help Harry's family move into their new SoHo loft. Harry tells Peter and MJ that they could move in upstairs. MJ tells Liz she may get a role on the soap opera "Secret Hospital." Spider-Man meets up with Silver Sable and Paladin and the three infiltrate a Life Foundation underground survivalist shopping mall in New Jersey. They're confronted by Carlton Drake and his Protectors and a battle ensues. Spider-Man and Paladin defeat the Protectors while Silver Sable incapacitates Drake and questions Chakane with the aid of a truth drug. On their way back to New York, Silver Sable offers Spider-Man a thousand dollars a day to help her thwart a possible assassination plot in Symkaria.

70 0 1


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