Minerva トランスフォーマー PVC

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Able was I, ere I saw Minelba.
Minerva (ミネルバ Mineruba) is the daughter of Mont Porte's ambassador to Japan, half-French on her mother's side, and a happy, charming, friendly, talented girl brimming with idealism and care for her fellow man. But Minerva's idealism is a naive kind: petitioning to join the Autobots out of a desire to "fight evil", she quickly found that the reality of war was a lot more than she was prepared for. Already very uncomfortable with violence and now thrown into the heart of a war in which children, of all beings, are so casually made a part of the conflict, Minerva is left struggling to rationalize her role as a warrior, even one on the side of good. As such, she usually refrains from entering battle herself unless circumstances absolutely demand it, instead operating as a battlefield medic and tending to the human victims of the Transformers' battles. In the final analysis, Minerva's timidness leaves her simply treating the symptoms of the disease, rather than fighting the cause.

46 0 0


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