The Punisher #60 (As Featured On AT4W)

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Frank Castle... as... a black man.


Playing devil's advocate, I can see what they were trying to do. Give a vigilante well-known for shoot first, ask questions never approach a closer, more intimate look at the socioeconomic context for a lot of the thugs he's gunning down.

The PROBLEM is the execution. Namely, again, making Frank black. You could have easily told this story (one I've always had interest in seeing told with Punisher), without that ridiculous conceit, and this book doesn't exactly take as deep a dive into the issues it purports to want to explore. Certainly not as deep as we'd probably go today.

It probably doesn't help that this is a creative team that doesn't exactly appreciate the urban black experience (what with not being black and all), so maybe this story wasn't theirs to tell. At least, with so little depth and nuance.

Take the race-swapped Frank out of the equation, and these couple of issues read like a surface-level Punisher team-up with Luke Cage. Nothing horrible, but nothing special.

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