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Funko Pop
Flash Chase Edition (Metallic)

This one was definitely an impulse buy. I'm more of a Marvel fan than DC but I would probably put The Flash in my Top 3 favorite DC characters.

The craze for this pop was insane especially when people found out about Amazon shipping out Chase figures. I didn't try for myself because I didn't wanna be hooked and keep on trying but the way it worked was usually when you bought a common pop from a site, it would never be a Chase. There's a couple common pops that has/had Chase editions which is pretty much a 1 in 36 chance of getting one per box. That chase was different because not only that it was hard to get but it had specially feature to it like bloody, metallic or glow in the dark whereas the common version was just a regular paint. Now usually when you buy them online, the retailer puts away the chase version to sell it in eBay for a ridiculous amount of money so essentially buyers won't be able to get them. Now Amazon, from my knowledge, has shipping facilities that are powered by robots or some kind of shipping tech so they can't detect or physically see if it was a chase or not.

So this craze built up and everyone started posting pictures of their successful orders and got themselves a nice chase. I couldn't imagine how many people tried and failed because who would want to post a picture of them only getting the common pops when everyone else seems like they're always winning and getting what they wanted. Reddit, Facebook and eBay became suddenly flooded with chase figures causing the prices to drop but some people didn't realize that these were reprinted boxes that had a partial black frame over the top in front of the box. The original ones always had the same color throughout the frame and some didn't realize it and since the supply was crazy, they sold the original ones accidentally at the same price of the reprints/reruns and people that knew scooped it up and made themselves a nice profit after everyone realized it. The price different from the old version and the new version was roughly about $200.

Now the second part of this craze was obviously The Flash season 2 ending. That series was 🔥 and caused all the flash related stuff to go up in price a little. Amazon stopped selling the Chase Flash directly from their shipping facilities before the season ended and instead used a third party seller through Amazon and obviously they wouldn't ship out Chase figures causing the price to skyrocket to about $260. At the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't go crazy and order through Amazon and I'm glad I didn't pay over 2 digits worth. 😵

45 1 1


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