X-Men And Power Pack, Vol. 1 #2 (2006)

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Contains the story: "Mind Over Matter"

Synopsis (can have spoilers):

#PowerPack is at the Annual Science Expo since their father, #JamesPower, is one of the attendees. Another scientist at the expo is #DrHenryMcCoy, a.k.a. #Beast, who demonstrates his latest invention: a device that can detect superpowered people based on their cellular structure. However, he is skeptical when the device identifies Julie as a superpowered individual.

Unbeknown to the heroes, #Mystique is also at the expo and has her eyes set on Dr. McCoys invention. She disguises herself as Dr. Power and steals the device. Naturally, Dr. Power is arrested for the theft. Power Pack convinces Beast that their father is innocent, and urge him to track down the real culprit. They also reveal his device was right, and that the four of them do have superpowers.

The group interceps Mystique before she can leave the expo. In the fight that follows, Mystique uses her powers to impersonate the #Juggernaut, gain wings, and imitates Jack Power. Katie however easily figures out who the real Jack is by firing her energy balls at them, making the real Jack turn into a cloud. Finally, Mystique turns in to a giant, purple monster. Julie however defeats her in this form since Mystique cannot change her mass, and thus her giant size doesn't make her any heavier or stronger than her regular form. Mystique is defeated and Dr. Power released. Beast tells Dr. Power that Julie will no doubt become a great scientist one day.
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Nice one


Did you see the new XMEN movie? It was epic.

21 2 0


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