Tom Clancy's - The Division : Collector Edition (Xbox One)

31427 31st Ave SW Federal Way, WA
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Brand new and sealed in the box

Collector edition

I'll be doing an unboxing soon

Wanna add me on xbox one ?

BUDDAHinPINK is the user name

How is the going so far for you??? Tell me ?

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@hugo_boss hey, so should I skip or what cuz I didn't play destiny and I never try mmo games what's your advice


Sort of plays like an MMO which I love!


@east2west so should I even bother to open it? Do you advice to skip this one?


I think the game is pretty good, but I'm sort of disappointed. When they showed us it at E3 the graphics were significantly better. They did the same thing with Watch Dogs. Makes me not wanna support their company anymore.

19 2 3


31427 31st Ave SW
Federal Way, WA


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