Wesley Iguti Production Mold Sculpture Venom Spider-Man

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Never in a million years thought I'd buy an actual mold from a well known sculptor from Brazil. I bought this Venom Spider-Man from a Hasbro rep that lives in New York. While carefully examining the figure I noticed the sculptor engraved his name (Wesley Iguti). I've messaged him about the piece that I've bought and sure enough he remembers it. He gave me a little history of himself and a little history of the Venom he made. Him and his father are one the the best and well known sculptors in Brazil. This is why I love collecting. Every now and then, you'll find something you think might be junk but in actuality it isn't. It's something more!!! I bought this off the guy for $100 bucks but to me it's priceless because of the history. Guess I'm going to have to go to Brazil one of these days to visit Wesley and his dad and take a look at their workshop!!! #MimoToys #marvel #marvelsuperheros #productionmold #braziliansculptor #hasbro #freelance #wesleyiguti

264 0 3


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