Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Vinyl Sountrack

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2xLP Picture Discs
Limited edition of 3,000
Includes Digital Soundtrack
Digital download links will be emailed to the address you used to place your order when your album ships.
Digital files will be sent as 320kbp MP3.
Music by Sarah Schachner
Album Art by Chris Skinner


“Instead of concentrating on the epic vastness of space, the music aims to capture the loneliness felt in space and the burdens of war. The score is equal parts electronic and orchestral. It combines cold and aggressive analog synths with small, intimate string sections and a gnarly low brass ensemble. A lot of the percussion is from metallic found objects. It's not a traditional score by any means. We wanted to do something different than the typical epic orchestral action sound.” -Sarah Schachner, Composer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

3 0 0


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