Batman: Earth One Vol. 2 Graphic Novel

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The second installment in the number 1 New York Times bestselling #BatmanEarthOne reteams writer #GeoffJohns with artist #GaryFrank and introduces readers to a battery of Batman's most infamous foes - but with unexpected twists and turns that build an all new, incredible mythology for one of fiction's most popular characters.

#TheDarkKnight must answer the greatest riddle of all: Who is #Batman?

Change is coming to #GothamCity. Between the death of Mayor Oswald Cobblepot and the emergence of "the Batman," a new dawn has shed its light on the notoriously dark and corrupt city. New Mayor Jessica Dent and her brother D. A. Harvey Dent have joined with the Dark Knight and Detective #JimGordon in their crusade against #Gotham's criminal element. But a new threat rises - one that enjoys playing a simple game of riddles.

Answer wrong, you die. Answer correctly, and ...

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bet this is great



48 1 2


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