NECA ALIEN vs. Predator Series 15 Masked Scar Predator

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For centuries, the Yautja have had a presence on Earth and have quietly influenced our history and culture. Worshiped as gods, these ancient Predators taught humans how to construct pyramids and temples that served as ceremonial hunting grounds for Young Blood Yautja while hosting many dangerous prey. As tribute to their off-world deities, the natives would sacrifice themselves for these hunts, voluntarily becoming breeding grounds for creatures such as Xenomorphs.


Rite of passage

Scar, along with his fellow Yautja Celtic and Chopper, travelled to earth in order to undertake a rite of passage in an ancient Yautja-constructed pyramid, a ritualistic hunt against Xenomorph s that, should they survive it, would mark their passage from adolescence into adulthood as Blooded Predators. Upon arriving on the surface in drop pods, the three Young Bloods made their way to Razorback Point Whaling Station, situated above the pyramid, where they encountered several members of Charles Bishop Weyland's expedition, lured to the site by the heat bloom generated as the pyramid began to activate its systems. The three Yautja quickly slaughtered everyone they found, including Rusten Quinn's drilling team and several of Max Stafford's mercenaries. With the camp cleared, the Yautja descended to the pyramid below through the access shaft bored by their Mother Ship, with Scar briefly pausing at the base of the tunnel to finish Quinn.
Upon entering the structure, the Predators discovered the human team had found and taken their Plasmacasters, and duly split up to hunt them down.[3] Scar helped to ambush the remaining humans, killing Bass with his Combistick, before the shifting pyramid separated most of the survivors. Still in pursuit of the stolen Plasmacasters, Scar later caught up with Lex, Sebastian and Weyland, confronting Weyland when he attempted to buy time for the others to escape with one of the Yautja weapons. Sensing the cancer eating away at Weyland's lungs, Scar initially spared him, but when Weyland attacked with an improvised flamethrower, Scar turned and impaled him on his Wristblades, killing him.

Uneasy alliance

A Facehugger preparing to impregnate Scar.
As Scar continued to pursue Lex and Sebastian, by this time the only Predator still alive inside the pyramid, he was ambushed by a Facehugger and a Xenomorph Warrior, which he succeeded in killing. Now a Blooded Predator, Scar removed his Bio-Mask and marked himself with the acid blood of the Facehugger. However, before he could put the mask back on, a second Facehugger attacked, subduing him and impregnating him with a Chestburster.
When Scar eventually revived and caught up to Lex, she dutifully returned his Plasmacaster, realizing its significance and hoping Scar would spare her as a result of the act. The pair were then assaulted by a group of Warriors led by Grid, which they succeeded in fighting off. Impressed by the fact Lex dispatched one of the Xenomorphs herself, Scar mutilated one of the dead Aliens, fashioning a shield from its domed carapace and a spear from the tip of its tail that she could use to defend herself. Forging an uneasy alliance, the pair headed for the Xenomorph Hive so that Scar could destroy it.

Inside the Hive, Scar and Lex discovered Sebastian cocooned and impregnated — Scar caught the Chestburster that erupted from his body and casually snapped its neck. Scar then activated his Self-Destruct Device and left it in the Hive, fleeing the impending explosion with Lex. At the base of the tunnel through the ice, the pair were again attacked by Xenomorphs, and while Scar was wounded he managed to escape with Lex up through the access shaft. Scar's Self-Destruct Device detonated moments later, and Scar and Lex had to flee the collapsing ice once they reached the surface.

On the surface

Scar being impaled by the Alien Queen.
With the pyramid destroyed, Scar gave Lex an initiation mark of her own, burning it into her cheek with Xenomorph blood. At that moment, the Queen burst through the ice, seeking revenge for the destruction of her Hive. Scar and Lex fought the Queen together, eventually chaining the beast to the whaling camp's cast iron separating vat and pushing it over the cliff into the sea. The massive weight dragged the Queen over the edge and into the frozen depths, but not before she impaled Scar with her tail, mortally wounding him. Although victorious, Scar perished with Lex by his side.

At that moment, the Mother Ship revealed itself nearby, while the Ancient Predator overseeing the hunt approached. The Ancient's companions collected Scar's body and carried it honorably to their ship, and the Yautja departed. As a sign of respect, Scar's body was placed atop a ceremonial plinth aboard the vessel, presumably to be transported home for burial. However, after the other Yautja left, a Predalien Chestburster emerged from his chest. The creature would go on to wreak havoc aboard a scout vessel, eventually triggering a huge Xenomorph outbreak in the town of Gunnison, Colorado.

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