McFarlane Toys: Spawn Reborn Clown IV

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CHARACTER » Violator appears in 146 issues.

Spawn's first archnemesis. was first sent to Earth as a mentor to Spawn. Eldest of the Phlebiac Brothers

Violator is the eldest sibling of five demonic brothers known as The Phlebiac Brothers. Born of a demon father, and human mother, his mother never survived the birth. After centuries, Violator would kill his father and proclaiming himself leader of the Phlebiac brothers.

The Clown is The Violator's alter ego. his "secret Identity. He uses this guise to walk peacefuly among humans. this form is a midget, obese, and ugly with a blue mark on his face in the shape of an "M". Although Violator has shapeshifting powers and can take any appearence he'd like, he uses this form because he sees humans as pathetic and disgusting as his clown form.

Hellspawn Past and Present

The Violator was sent to Earth in order to train the newest Hellspawn, Al Simmons currently known as Spawn, however Violator went on a killing spree in an attempt to get the mafia on Spawn, this worked but the deaths caused crime to be lowered through the whole city, later during his battle with Spawn, Malebolgia grew angry at him for his actions and locked him in his Clown form.

During his time in this form he revealed his past to 3 kids telling them a twisted version of his battle with the Medieval Spawn. He kidnapped his wife and during the ensuing battle Violator was decapitated but his mission was considered a success since he had driven away the Hellspawn's only love. As a reward Malebolgia revived his body. Soon after finishing his story he found out that Spawn had been blamed for his murders, angered now that there was no use of it he went to show Tony Twist and the mafia to show them who really committed the murders.

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this clown is scary af!


Mcfarlane toys really did an amazing job here


damn this is a great action figure

74 1 3


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