Lou Pinella Signed OML Baseball

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Signed in blue ballpoint pen on the sweet spot
Inscription: "Sweet" 77-78 WSC
Leaf Authentics COA (47262)
Mint condition

Louis Victor Piniella (/piːnˈjeɪjɑː/[1][2] usually /pɨˈnɛlə/; born August 28, 1943[3]) is a former professional baseball player and manager. An outfielder in the major leagues, he played five seasons with the Kansas City Royals and eleven seasons with the New York Yankees, then led five teams as manager. Piniella was nicknamed "Sweet Lou", both for his swing as a major league hitter and, facetiously, to describe his demeanor as a player and manager. He finished his managerial career ranked 14th all-time on the list of managerial wins.

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