Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 #68 (2006)

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Contains the story "Date Night (Part III)".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#ProfessorXavier immobilizes #Lilandra and loops the past few minutes of their conservation into the surrounding peoples' minds. He asks her about if there is a connection between the #Shiar and the #HellfireClub. #NickFury tells #ElliotBoggs that he has lost control of reality warping powers. Elliot attacks Nick Fury, turns Nick Fury's assistants guns into snakes and sends them away with his powers. Professor Xavier and Lilandra have a conversation about the #PhoenixForce and she assures him that the Shi'ar are not affiliated with the Hellfire Club,they talk about the history of the Phoenix Force and how it created the Earth. #Cyclops and #Phoenix, #Iceman and #Rogue both have a romantic moment. #Wolverine doesn't believe #Sabretooth and they fight. #Storm defeats Sabretooth with a lightning bolt. Professor Xavier and Lilandra continue to talk. #Shadowcat gets home and has a brief conversation with #Colossus. Nick Fury brings Elliot Boggs to the Mansion. Professor Xavier shows up and Nick Fury gives him a briefing on the situation. Sabretooth talks with #DrCornelius about Wolverine and Dr.Cornelius decides to make a clone of Wolverine.

#Marvel #UltimateXMen #comics #firstprinting

58 0 0


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