Bradford Exchange - Wizard Of Oz - Hourglass Of Destiny (2011)

Valley View, Australia
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THE WIZARD OF OZ™ Hourglass of Destiny Lamp

18" Tall

5,000 Limited Edition

Meticulously handcrafted base re-creates the Wicked Witch of the West™ hourglass and features a Winged Monkey that actually "flies" in circles above Tin Man™, Scarecrow™ and Cowardly Lion™

Base lights up! A special, UL-approved mechanism allows you to illuminate either the lamp, the hourglass base or both together

Black lampshade features vivid artwork from the classic film scene between Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West

© Turner Entertainment Co.
© 2011 The Bradford Exchange 01-10353-001

The Bradford Group
Made in China

Release Date: July 25, 2011
Original RRP: $179.99 USD

7 0 0


Valley View, Australia


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