Wolverine: Netsuke Vol. 1 #4 (2003)

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"Funny...I was missing you and wanting you, tearing myself up inside. You'd come to me in dreams and that would be some sort of comfort. Then I'd wake up and you'd be gone. Now I know you're not gone. You are with me." -- Logan

Appearing in "Conclusion"

Featured Characters:
•#Logan / #Kiyoshi

Supporting Characters:
•Geisha named Mariko (Death) (Revived)
•Hiro (In an illusion or vision)
•Akira (In an illusion or vision)
•Saito Danjo

•Snow spirit (Death)

Other Characters:
•Lord Tokugawa (Mentioned)
•Taiso (Corpse) (Revived)
•#MarikoYashida (Mentioned)
•#ProfessorX (Mentioned)

#Marvel #Wolverine #Netsuke #comics #firstprinting

125 0 1


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