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Here we have Lil' Debbie. She was named after the infamous snack cakes (which she loves). Her mum is also named Debbie. Debbie LOVES the 80's. She loves Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson, Blondie and she is president of the Spandau Ballet Fan Club. Debbie's 'lookin' for a new love' extensions are crocheted by myself, synthetic and dreaded and come in a variety of purples and lavenders. VERY 80's.
Her head is 1930's Armand Marseilles and she has blinky, flirty eyes all painted with acrylics, glitter shadow and Japanese micro beads. She wears dangle disco earrings circa 1977.
Debbie's top is a Very Vintage VOGUE tobacco tin from Canada (accented with paints). She LOVES fashion. Now, her skirt was actually made out of 2 layers of a 1980's apple tin but she decided that she could take off one layer of the skirt and wear it AS A CAPE! It's the best costume for the day. Her cape is adorned with pins and paints and her skirt has been covered with cock decals and golden star sprinkles set in place with a matte medium. A variety of found object dingle dangles hang from her skirt wires (lovely for dancing).
Debbie's vintage composition legs hook on under her skirt. They are silver leafed at the top and painted on the bottoms with striped stocking and red glitter MaryJanes. Her arms are old factory wooden spools. One with a bead bangle and the other with a Red Cross plaster tin bangle. In her hair she wears a colourful, tin, mechanical bird (Made in China) and on her mesh head wrap you can spot a pin 'It's A Boy" - Yes ... She's a proud teen mother. Her son's name? Limahl. Her "It's A Boy" pin is courtesy of Swift's Meat Packing Company - 1951.
Enjoy! And Shake Your New Love!!
Paul ..
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@ferrrny thanks! ­čśŐ


The dreads are to die for. I love them

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7961 E 8th Ave
Denver, CO


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