Vanilla Oil

Churchill Walk London, United Kingdom
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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, a component of vanilla essential oil, is an effective antidepressant and mood lifter.

APHRODISIAC: This oil stimulates the secretion of certain hormones like testosterone and estrogen which help bring about normal sexual behavior and promotes sexual arousal.

SEDATIVE: It soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the systems of the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems. It reduces inflammation stemming from fever, as well as convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity to allergens.

ANTIOXIDANT: This property of vanilla essential oil alone can take care of most of your problems. It slows gradually the weakening of the body’s immune system, loss of memory, organic and nerve malfunctioning, gradual loss of vision & hearing, mental instability, macular degeneration, and the body's susceptibility to diseases. #forsale

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Churchill Walk
London, United Kingdom


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