Flash #84

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At the mall, some local kids teach Wally West how to play Pogs. He uses his super-speed to cheat, and grab them all before they land, but a glare from Linda Park makes him return them all.
Linda drags Wally into a barber shop against his will, and forces him to get his hair cut. As the barber finishes, Wally hears a scream and zips away in a blur of red. On level two of the mall, someone is throwing around razor sharp discs, killing and injuring many of the patrons.
Wally confronts the source, a man named Razer, who wears a suit that's outfitted with blades, and so slick to the touch that Wally can't get a grip on him. They fight all over the mall, with Razer causing destruction to everything in every place they go. Razer ends up cutting an elevator cable, causing the elevator to fall with people still trapped inside it. Wally rushes desperately to pile mattresses beneath it, and slow the fall of the elevator car by redirecting water from a nearby fountain at it. Unfortunately, Razer takes the opportunity to escape.
Flash overhears The Valentine Group, three brothers who own the mall, worrying that a man named Klaus Norwood has made good on his threat to have Razer destroy it one of their developments unless they pay up two-million dollars within 48 hours. Norwood was the designer of several Valentine Group projects, but he grew mentally unstable, and was no longer someone the group could hire in good conscience. Now, obviously, he wants revenge. Flash tells them not to pay and he will deal with Razer, while Linda looks into Norwood's whereabouts.
Flash takes one of the discs to his scientist friends, Jerry and Tina McGee, and they tell him it is coated in Lubrilon, a substance like Teflon, but a thousand times more slippery. This explains why Flash couldn't land a punch. Unfortunately, the pair of scientists can't think of a solution.
When Wally calls Linda at her office to follow up on Norwood's disappearance, he overhears that Razer is attacking cops and destroying the downtown main drag. Flash runs to the police station just as a pair of cops meant to be transferring one of the Flash's recently captured rogues discover that their prisoner has escaped. Flash saves an officer's life from Razer's blades, engaging the villain in a fight. Flash is surprised when Razer grabs hold of him, maintaining his grip with sharp spikes protruding from his gloves that dig into Flash's flesh.

89 0 1


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