Bette And Dot

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"Bette and Dot" ~ *Some American Horror Story inspiration* High Pigment Watercolor on Arches Hot Press paper. 8" x 9" unframed. HOWEVER, these girls are currently framed in a deep golden ornate frame with steel grey matting. (Final framed painting is 12" x 10"). Archival materials and museum glass with no glare as well really set everything off. This original painting was purchased by the actress who played these characters in AHS Freak Show. However, in the photo with my big mean dog, Tootie-Lynn, you can see that I did a small run of limited edition prints.
I paint with watercolor but not in a 'traditional' watercolor style that requires washes. I work with many layers and add precise detail.
Enjoy ~ Paul :) #Moschell
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That's so cool that you sold it to the actress!


@katyholds The original did sell already. I did a limited run of giclee prints of this painting as well though and might have a few left in my studio.


Has this already sold?

103 2 3


7777 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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