Civil War: Choosing Sides Vol. 1 #1 (2006)

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Part of the 'Civil War' event.

Contains the story "Switching Sides".

Preview (no spoilers):
As he is arranging to flee the country and sell off all the media rights to his story, #MacGargan is attacked by a #SHIELD SHRA enforcement squad. He makes quick work of them with the help of his symbiote. After the fight, #Songbird and #RadioactiveMan of the #Thunderbolts arrive to give #Venom an option: Join them or be arrested. After minor consideration, Venom decides to join their ranks.

Contains the story "Conscientious Objector".

Preview (no spoilers):
Having a meal on a rooftop, #AntMan witnesses a battle between the pro and anti-SHRA forces in the middle of the street. When a little girl is caught in the middle of the battle, Ant-Man jumps to her rescue and hides her under a car until the battle subsides, and decides to bug off to find a woman's shower that needs "supervision." When the Pro-SHRA forces assess the damage done in the battle, they find a little girl. The little girl tells #IronMan and the others that she was saved by the new Ant-Man. #Yellowjacket calls in the sighting to #SHIELD, as Ant-Man finds a women's gym he desired to find earlier.

Contains the story "Choosing Sides".

Preview (no spoilers):
Having taken #Daredevil's place in #HellsKitchen while #MattMurdock is helping the Anti-SHRA forces fight the #CivilWar. Almost getting caught by a #SHIELD sting operation, Rand escapes and returns to his hide out. Iron Fist reflects on the promise that he made to Murdock, and on the events that led to his gaining the power of #IronFist.

Contains ANOTHER story titled "Choosing Sides".

Preview (no spoilers):
#TonyStark has asked #USAgent to be a liaison for the Canadian government who are being swamped by super-humans crossing the border into Canada to escape the SHRA. Initially, US Agent refuses because he is trying to catch the #PurpleMan. Tracking down the Purple Man and fighting him on a hovercraft, Agent is easily defeated and ordered to jump off the ship. Recovering aboard a #SHIELD carrier, Stark informs US Agent that #Killgrave has fled to Canada. US Agent accepts the assignment to Canada and jumps off the ship in his casts to rendezvous with the landing team.

Contains the story "Non-Human-Americans".

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
With the #SuperHumanRegistrationAct in full effect, #BeverlySwitzler talks #HowardTheDuck into registering themselves (with Bev as his sidekick) so that they can take advantage of the benefits of signing up (like a steady paycheck and benefits.) Initially signing up at the DMV in error, they get into the Super-Human Registration line up, however when trying to sign up, a local #SHIELD Agent recognizes Howard as the human duck that has been reported time and time again.

Forever fed up with having to do write ups about the human-duck and furious that they have all turned out to be true, the SHIELD agent tells Howard that SHIELD's official policy is that he does not exist and kicks him out of the SHRA office. Disappointed that he couldn't register, Howard looks on the bright side, since he doesn't exist in the eyes of the government, at least he doesn't have to worry about traffic tickets, have no worries about jury duty, doesn't have to file his taxes, heck he doesn't even have to vote if he doesn't want to.

Contains the story "A New Light".

Featured Characters:

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43 1 1


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