1953 Bowman Mickey Mantle #253.

Wendell Ford Expy E Owensboro, KY
15 2 1

I do not sale group photos I'm a smoke free home this card has never been finger printed and kept in a sleeve properly.# #baseball #. This card has a little age on it but is still a great card. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


@kycollector I agree, this a great deal.


I've had this card since age 7 along with many others. They belonged to my grandpas dad so that should tell you how long they have been in our family. As for the value graded 3.5 $3950.00
Grade 4 $5399.00
Grade 5 $7595.00
Grade 6 $5999.99
Grade 7 $21,500.00
And up. I don't think asking $1500.00 for this card is bad at all. I could send it to be graded and the price go up. For sure not down.




How'd you manage to get your hands on this card?!


This is an unreal deal. They go for a few hundred more online!

15 2 1


Wendell Ford Expy E
Owensboro, KY


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