Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #478 (2006)

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Part of the 'The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire' event.
This issue is Chapter Four of the Twelve issue story arc.

Contains the story: "Castaways"

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
On #Chandilar, a commander informs #ViceChancellorKtor of progress on a rogue warship (#Vulcan's ship), the destruction of the stargates, and word on the "line of the #Phoenix". Meanwhile, in the outer rim of the #ShiarEmpire, the #XMen arrive on a space-station with only a tame "skeleton crew" onboard. Two #Shiar men hospitably service the group's starcraft while they gather supplies. The team splits up, and when #Havok and #Polaris open a storage room, they find a number of Shi'ar corpses littered on the ground. #Darwin and #Nightcrawler are attacked, and a gaping hole in the ship sucks Darwin into space. Fortunately, he adapts to his environment and warns the others (who are concerned about #MarvelGirl's severe headaches). Suddenly, the lead worker morphs into a #Warskrull and attacks the nearest X-Men. Nightcrawler teleports his attacker into the vacuum of space while #Warpath realizes that it must be an implant in one of the Warskrulls that is giving Marvel Girl mental feedback. Polaris and Havok arrive to help out the others, and at #ProfessorXavier’s request, Polaris reaches out with her power and destroys the implant. When she is helped up by the Professor, Marvel Girl uses molecular telekinesis to drive away a Warskrull (whose force field was feeding off of Havok's plasma blast). Darwin returns to the ship and is met by Nightcrawler, who teleports behind a door to locate two Shi'ar survivors. Against Nightcrawler's objections, Professor Xavier allows the survivors to ride with them until they reach the next Shi'ar hub. Unbeknownst to the X-Men, the Shi'ar crewmen conspire to deliver Xavier to K'tor. Meanwhile, in a high security prison, the Vice-Chancellor speaks to a chained up man named #Korvus. He offers him freedom in exchange for a task that only the #BladeOfThePhoenix can do.
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Only 12 issues? Might have to check it out then.


This series is amazing

18 2 1


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