Deathstroke The Terminator # 5

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Slade returns for his former friend Wintergreen, but an army of CIA operatives, who are ready for him, guards the hospital.

Deathstroke visits the hospital to speak to Wintergreen--and Addie. He goes under a very clever disguise, knowing that everyone will be watching out for him. While he is talking to Wintergreen, assassins come and try to kill him.

Pretty soon, a fair portion of the building is on fire. Slade needs to get out--and fast. He goes to save Addie, buit she'd prefer to stay and burn then go with him. He gets Wintergreen, then gets out. Back at the hospital, the flames are put out and a government official goes to talk to Addie. She claims that her gun jammed, but in reality she just doesn't want to admit that she chose not to shoot him.

46 0 1


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