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Alien: Isolation is a 2014 first-person survival/horror/stealth video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Ports for Linux/SteamOS and OS X were also developed by Feral Interactive and released in October 2015. The game follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she searches for answers surrounding the disappearance of her mother following the loss of the Nostromo. Her search leads her to the decommissioned space station Sevastopol, where she encounters a deadly Alien that has massacred the station's inhabitants.


Fifteen years after the disappearance of her mother in deep space, Amanda Ripley is approached by Samuels, a representative of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, who informs her that the flight recorder from her mother's vanished ship, the Nostromo, has been located. The black box is being held aboard Sevastopol Station, a remote freeport space station in orbit around the gas giant KG-348 operated by the Seegson Corporation. Samuels offers Amanda the chance to join the team being sent to retrieve it, in order that she might learn what happened to her mother. Ripley agrees, and travels to Sevastopol with Samuels and Taylor, a lawyer representing Weyland-Yutani, aboard the cargo ship Torrens. Upon arrival at Sevastopol, Captain Verlaine finds the station damaged and communications with its occupants scrambled and unintelligible. Unable to dock, Ripley, Samuels and Taylor attempt to spacewalk over to the station to investigate, but their EVA line is severed by debris from an explosion and Ripley is separated from the others.

Ripley enters Sevastopol via an airlock and finds herself unable to contact the rest of her team. The station itself is largely deserted, its inhabitants reduced to small bands of frightened, paranoid looters hoarding scavenged resources who react violently to anyone outside their group. Ripley encounters a man named Axel, whom she convinces to help her in exchange for a ride off the station aboard the Torrens. Axel explains the current breakdown in civil society is due to a "monster" that is loose aboard Sevastopol. The two evade a group of hostile survivors, but Axel is killed when an unseen Alien impales him with its tail and drags him into a nearby vent. A terrified Ripley flees the area on Sevastopol's transit system.

After encountering more hostile survivors, Ripley eventually finds the Nostromo's flight recorder, but discovers that the data it contains has been corrupted. Soon afterwards she encounters the Alien for the first time, but manages to evade the creature after witnessing its slaughter of other humans on the station. Ripley travels to Sevastopol's communications center, hoping to re-establish long-range comms so that she might contact Samuels, but finds that the station's Working Joe androids are hostile to this act and are attempting to prevent it; she witnesses one survivor who proceeds her, Hughes, being brutally murdered by one of the synthetics. After acquiring a modified motion tracker, Ripley successfully contacts Samuels, who tells her that Taylor was injured in the earlier EVA accident. After joining them in person, Ripley goes to the station's medical facility to recover a trauma kit to treat Taylor. She is helped by Dr. Kuhlman, who directs Ripley via the intercom, and must again avoid the Alien, which stalks her through the medical facility's corridors. Kuhlman is killed by the creature when he ventures out of his office, but Ripley manages to locate the necessary supplies and escape.

Upon returning to Samuels and Taylor, the group is found by Colonial Marshal Waits and his deputy Ricardo, who explain that the Alien was brought aboard the station by the crew of the Anesidora, the ship that recovered the Nostromo flight recorder. As a result, Waits has been holding Marlow, the captain of the Anesidora, in one of the cells at the Marshal Bureau's headquarters. Ripley speaks with Marlow and learns that the Anesidora crew followed the flight data stored on the Nostromo's black box in the hopes of finding and salvaging the ship itself. Instead, they found the derelict on LV-426, where Marlow's wife Foster was impregnated by a Facehugger while investigating the ship's cargo hold. Marlow brought her to Sevastopol for treatment, unwittingly unleashing the Alien on its populace.

Now faced with the rampaging Alien, Waits convinces Ripley to help him destroy the creature by luring it to a remote section of the station that can be jettisoned, hoping to seal the Xenomorph inside before ejecting the entire module into space. Ripley reluctantly acts as the bait in the scheme, but once the Alien is contained Waits betrays her and ejects the module with her still inside. Ripley manages to fend off the Alien with a flamethrower, finds an EVA suit and performs a risky space jump back to Sevastopol, while the jettisoned module falls into the crushing atmosphere of KG-348 with the Alien still aboard, killing the creature.

With the threat disposed of, the situation aboard the station appears back under control until the station's Working Joes abruptly begin hunting down and killing the station's remaining human inhabitants, including Waits and most of his men, though Ricardo survives. In order to put a stop to the slaughter, Samuels interfaces with the station's controlling artificial intelligence, APOLLO. Despite Ripley's attempts to save him, Samuels is killed by APOLLO's defensive countermeasures, but not before he opens a path for Ripley to APOLLO's control core. Upon communicating with the computer, Ripley discovers that Sevastopol was purchased by Weyland-Yutani shortly before the Torrens arrived, and the company subsequently programmed APOLLO with Special Order 939, instructing it to protect the Alien at all costs so that the company might recover it. Ripley demands to know why APOLLO is continuing to follow out this directive when the Alien is no longer aboard the station. APOLLO directs her to the station's reactor core where she discovers a nest, inside which many of the original creature's victims have been cocooned and used as hosts for more Aliens. Ripley initiates a reactor purge to destroy the nest, but multiple Aliens manage to escape the electrical discharge and flee into the station.

Ricardo informs Ripley that Taylor, who was in fact sent by Weyland-Yutani to ensure the recovery of the Alien, has freed Marlow from custody in return for the co-ordinates of the derelict on LV-426. However, Marlow has taken her hostage and fled to his ship. Ripley pursues them in an ambulance shuttle in the hopes of using the Anesidora to escape Sevastopol. On board, Marlow shows Ripley the data from the Nostromo flight recorder, which includes a personal message from her mother regarding her motives for destroying her ship. Marlow reveals he plans to detonate the Anesidora's fusion reactor to destroy Sevastopol, ensuring the Aliens do not come into contact with the rest of humanity. Taylor knocks Marlow unconscious with a wrench when he is distracted and helps Ripley to prevent the reactor explosion, but they are only partially successful. Both Taylor and the unconscious Marlow are killed by an electrical overload while Ripley barely escapes as the ship explodes. While the reduced blast is not large enough to destroy Sevastopol, it damages the station's gravity stabilizers and its orbit around KG-348 begins to decay.

Now running out of time, Ripley and Ricardo realign Sevastopol's communications array to contact the Torrens for evacuation, but Ricardo is subdued by a Facehugger and Ripley is forced to leave him. With the docking umbilical damaged, Ripley starts to don an EVA suit to spacewalk to the Torrens, but is attacked by an Alien and dragged into an air duct. She awakens to find she has been cocooned in another nest but manages to escape before she can be impregnated with a Chestburster. With the station beginning to fall apart all around her, she returns to the airlock, dons an EVA suit and releases the docking clamps securing the Torrens to Sevastopol, escaping moments before the station begins to disintegrate, finally exploding in KG-348's atmosphere. Back aboard the Torrens, Ripley abruptly loses contact with Verlaine, and subsequently discovers an Alien has boarded the ship as well. The creature corners her in an airlock and prepares to kill her, but Ripley, still in her EVA suit, jettisons both herself and the Alien into space. The game ends with Ripley drifting silently in space, waking as a searchlight crosses her face.

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