NECA Aliens Series 10 Gorilla Action Figure

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The Gorilla Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Alien was a variant of Xenomorph that was the product of a Facehugger infecting a gorilla. These were encountered by the Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora in a Weyland-Yutani research facility on Phobos in 2179. The Marines also encountered what appeared to be a Praetorian Gorilla Alien.


Following the discovery of the USS Sulaco adrift in space some 18 weeks after events on LV-426, a team of Colonial Marines are dispatched aboard the USS Sephora to investigate. They quickly discover the presence of hostile Union of Progressive Peoples (U.P.P.) soldiers, as Xenomorph s that have established a Hive aboard the ship. After encountering and defeating the Xenomorph Queen, the Marines descend to the surface of LV-426 to continue their investigation. There they discover that the U.P.P. are attempting to harvest Xenomorphs for their own use. The Marines eliminate the U.P.P. presence in the area and destroy their satcom.

As the Xenomorphs attack, the squad escapes the area in an APC. However, the APC crashes into the derelict, ending up inside the Pilot's chamber. There the Marines face off against a Jockey-Xenomorph, ultimately defeating it. The continued Xenomorph presence suggests that the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is also involved in events. The Marines travel to a Weyland-Yutani research facility located on the Martian moon Phobos, where they discover a series of experiments being run on the Xenomorphs, including the creation of Gorilla Xenomorphs and a giant tank-like Xenomorph. The Marines, now aware of the company's plans, return to the Sulaco where they face off against a gigantic Queen (possibly the Queen Mother), with the Sulaco ultimately being destroyed.

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53 1 0


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