Gypsy - Assemblage Sculpture

7777 E 1st Pl Denver, CO
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A new assemblage sculpture piece that I just finished and am very pleased with. And Gypsy is also a lamp. She gives off a hip late 60’s early 70’s vibe that was very cool to work on. Basically, the base of this piece was a hanging green wooden flea market 70’s lamp. I removed the wiring and added a battery operated led light that sits underneath and shines through the golden plastic on all four sides. I decorated the base with vintage butterfly painted transfers and a vintage orange flower brooch and an old fake bird for a friend.
Then there is so much going on. Gypsy’s head is porcelain and when I found it I was excited about how oddly it was shaped with such a large forehead. I used a variety of paints, oil pastel, butterflies, trims, glitter, microbeads, vintage brooches and drop earrings. Broken antique cat glasses set of her hand blown glass eyes in two different shades. Her handmade synthetic dreads and braids in shades of purples, earth tones and blondes are tightly wrapped up in old floral fabric strips to create a dramatic ponytail that is set off with a vintage orange hand colored rose, vintage hat pins and a very old metal antique butterfly.
Gypsy has a porcelain body that is set in place with only legs that dangle. This whole sculpture is set as one solid piece. Tattooed arms with Swarovski crystals are exposed by her hand sewn dress made with a very cool vintage fabric. A painted star necklace, antique metallic trims and a 1968 Paint Your Wagon celluloid pin that I love. Gypsy holds a very old star covered bowl from an antique tea set. The bowl is filled with vintage greens, blue wire flowers and a plastic ballerina. I love it. Her legs are bounds with colored strings and antique catechism prayers torn from a tiny book. I’m certain that I’m leaving something out and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Gypsy is a very cool sculpture/lamp/doll and is a total conversation piece. Standing just over 30 inches tall she is really something.
I hope that you enjoy this piece as much as I do.
Enjoy, Paul.
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7777 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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