iPhone 4S 16GB Sprint

1645 S 29th St Kansas City, KS
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IMEI 990001070482955
Iphone 4s
16 GB
Previously used with Sprint.
Comes with box and data sync cable.
Brand new battery.

The phone was tested and the following defects were found:

Slightly cracked on the bottom right
but it can be covered with a case.
Flash is defective, turns on for video and flashlight but not for camera. Timer for rear facing camara does not take the picture but regular picture taking works.

Solution: Replace proximity sensor ($5 part) to restore correct functionality of the flash and timer.

Everything else works. I tested: earpiece, microphones, cameras, buttons, screen,digitizer, wi-fi, call making abilities, charging port, iTunes connectivity, etc. it works except for those defects listed.

6 0 0


1645 S 29th St
Kansas City, KS


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