Ernie Banks Autographed Jersey

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Authentic jersey professionally framed and triple matted with 8x10 of Banks hitting. Signature includes inscription "Never Forget #14" and is authenticated by PSA.

My wife's uncles fell very ill as a young child and one of his last wishes was to meet his favorite baseball player Ernie Banks. Mr Banks visited him in the hospital shortly before my wife's uncle passed away. He was buried with a Banks jersey. Since then Banks has been the family's favorite player and everyone wears the #14 in life. My wife had the chance to meet Banks a few years ago at an autograph show and he remembered everything about the young child he visited in the hospital all those years ago. He held my wife's hands and came from behind the table to give her a hug. He went on to chat with her for several minutes with a tear in his eye - much to the annoyance of everyone in line. He inscribed never forget on the jersey he signed for her and forever made my wife and her family - and me, a fan of Ernie Banks with his kind yet so simple gesture.

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