Boxes Competition Champions! 🏆

New York, NY
573 0 13

The Battle of the Teams competition closed last night at midnight! The Toys and Hobbies team took the trophy! We want to thank everyone that participated.

Everyone had lots of fun and we all enjoyed viewing your collections. We’re now putting together a larger competition that will start in the coming days so get ready.

Take the time to say hi and congratulate the winners!!

🏆Winning Team: Toys & Hobbies (132 team members)🏆
First Place Winner: @pumadios - 5016 items
Second Place Winner: @koolstuff - 3089 items
Third Place Winner: @quroshi - 711 items
Fourth Place Winner: @victorli814 - 684 items
Fifth Place Winner: @sellalot82 - 666 items

Comics (78 team members)
secondstartotherightcomics - 2092 items
krick721 - 1700 items
vampirelouie - 758 items
kodemore - 704 items
tomstuff - 684 items

Women's Clothing & Accessories (70 team members)
milehighposhfashions - 179 items
amkisell - 148 items
claurenzo7 - 146 items
cocoaustin - 111 items
dubsdesigns - 74 items

Trading Cards (55 team members)
bostonredsoxdude - 2495 items
waynec1969 - 2437 items
lablad80 - 673 items
1stablerfan2 - 408 items
jhovel99 - 340 items

Sports Memorabilia (38 team members)
cbluemers - 776 items
catman - 232 items
acoulter - 217 items
dtm836 - 199 items
amarks94070 - 163 items

Video Games & Consoles (28 team members)
ramonessnl - 517 items
drretro - 266 items
koolstuff - 63 items
gojirafan1985 - 60 items
coen - 51 items

Books (21 team members)
victorli814 - 349 items
hollye417 - 325 items
ranels58 - 67 items
wargeneralt - 62 items
antiquebookdude - 60 items

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@bobafettywap after you add 5 or more items to a specific category you'll receive an email letting you know that you're on that category team.


How do I know what team I'm on?


I think the community and boxes learned a lot from this contest. Winning by posting pog#2345 and pog#2346 is pretty cheesy. At lease put a name for your item if not a description. That takes something away from what I consider the spirit of the app. If someone posts something and I like it, knowing the name of it or where it is from helps me find one like it. :) I have found several new items for my collection by seeing other peoples collections.


I'm excited for the next competition with more structure & rules 💕


@deancollects thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate that !!


@psysci see our previous post. It explains the competition.


Whats the prize?




Better luck next time video gamers ha


Congrats man @pumadios

573 0 13


New York, NY


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