Maria Rosa - Assemblage Wall Sculpture

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Just finished up a terrific wall assemblage piece of a majestic Filipino baby.
This is Maria Rosa. She is a majestic Filipino baby. With this piece I started with the porcelain head but then attached it to the torso of another doll. I then cut a heavyweight piece of watercolour paper and painted it with the design and sealed it b4 rolling it into a beautiful hat. For Maria Rosa's hair, I used a variety of very small no hole beads and berries. Her body is covered with lovely old butterfly and moth transfers that have enchanted me this month. I then sealed her with matte medium and a UV resistant matte finishing spray. Maria Rosa wears a vintage child's rosary and holds an enchanted monkey staff that is adorned with micro beads. Around her head is a halo like cluster of pink paper hand cut flowers. Finally I mounted Maria Rosa to a very old heavy duty, floral papier-mâché tray that I did very little to as it was already so beautiful. I simply added a bit of oil pastel colour towards the edges. This piece has a saw tooth hanger on the back as it is intended to be displayed as a wall piece.
It measures 19" tall and 9" wide.
Oh. And a vintage Ritz cracker pin. They're her favourite.
Enjoy~ Paul
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Love how it came out 😍


@reneemer Well, if I cut out the time I spent looking for the components- I spent 3 days on her. 😊


How long did this take you? Very nice.

134 2 1


152 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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