10,000 Followers! Thanks For Following And Enjoying My Collection!

Las Vegas, NV
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#10000followers #thanks

Thanks to all that have followed, liked & shared... All my collectables haven't seen light for quite some time and I am sure they are delighted that they are being enjoyed again by not only me but by you, the boxes community. I will keep adding more of my collection for you to enjoy and I will try as much as possible to reply to your comments. I also try to repost your items when you leave a comment as much as possible.

Special thanks to @boba426, @quroshi, @rokita77, @stoner, @headphonejoe89, @solomon, @nagrom for all the reposts and your kool collections... Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am... Thanks to everyone on the leaderboard, I enjoy and strive to build great collections like yours. And everyone else that helped me get to this point... Many thanks

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Las Vegas, NV


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