The Incredible Hulk #33

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Special guest star Queen Divine Justice (from BLACK PANTHER) renews her acquaintance with the green goliath! But in trying to halt the Hulk's destructive rampage across Wakanda, she'll create an even more perilous situation for the world! Plus: Not one, not two, but three more complete stories! First, an attempt to eliminate the Hulk using time travel backfires tragically on Bruce Banner (from INCREDIBLE HULK #204 by Len Wein & Herb Trimpe), then the challenge of the Crypto-Man leads to the death of the one the Hulk loves most (from INCREDIBLE HULK #205 by Len Wein & Sal Buscema), and finally the gray Hulk encounters a creature that calls into question the true nature of what makes one a monster (from INCREDIBLE HULK #335 by Peter David & John Higgins)!

40 0 1


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