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Good day everyone, today we have a pretty amazing Xbox package deal!
$275 for everything listed...
1. Console in box with all cords.
2. Two controllers. One rechargeable and one battery powered.
3. Skip DRX for Xbox (virtually fixes any video game, blu ray, dvd, cd etc...) in the box with all accessories!
4. Lot of 37 games, all in the box. Below is a list of the games that are included!

Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end
Arkham asylum batman
Goldeneye reloaded
The Simpsons game
Grand theft auto 5
Splinter cell conviction x2
Battlefield bad company
Halo 4
Call of duty world at war
Medal of honour airborne
Batman Lego
Face breaker
Street home court
Big bumpin'
Burnout paradise
Mx vs atv untamed
Rapala fishing frenzy 2009
Guitar hero world tour
Scene it?
Need for speed carbon
Hawx 2
Condemned criminal origins
Marvel vs capcom 3
Nba 2k11 x2
Nhl 14
Nhl 13
NHL 11
Madden 25
Madden 13
Madden 12
Madden 11
Ufc undisputed 3
Ufc undisputed 2010
The BIGS 2
Major League Baseball 2k8


What would shipping be?


Wow that's quite a list.


Are you getting an xboxone?

86 5 3


833 Seymour St
Vancouver, Canada


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