The Flash: Rebirth Graphic Novel

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#GeoffJohns and #EthanVanSciver - the incredible creative team behind the acclaimed #GreenLanternRebirth - work their magic on another of the DC Universe's greatest heroes, and recharge all the Flashes for all time!

#BarryAllen - #TheFlash. His birth kick-started the Silver Age, and his heroic death defending the universe from a cosmic Crisis made him a legend.

Now another Crisis has brought Barry back to life, and the Fastest Man Alive is out of step with the world. With the Flash legacy well preserved, Barry has no purpose except to try to solve the one mystery that eluded him during his previous life - the murder of his mother.

But mysteries abound surrounding Barry's return. Why was Barry able to escape the Speed Force - the extra-dimensional energy field that all speedsters draw from - when other heroes and villains were not? What strange transformation is Barry undergoing when he's around other speedsters? And most of all, who is it who brought Barry back to life... and was the Flash reborn only so he could be destroyed once again?

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amazing storyline shows a completely different side of The Flash

42 1 0


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