Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #471 (2006)

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Contains the story "Wand’ring Star Part 3: Glory Days"

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
In Africa, #Wolverine and #Storm find a body out on a vast stretch of desert. Suspecting something amiss, Wolverine has Storm summon lightning around the body, setting off dozens of concealed landmines. Analyzing the body, Storm recognizes him as a #Mutant, a low-level telekinetic native to the area. #Logan determines he was running from slavers, who had at least some children with them. Storm declares her intention to stop whoever was responsible.

In Chicago, Rachel fights off the Shi'ar Death Commandos, fleeing with #MaureenLyzinski in tow, using her telepathy to temporarily scrambles their minds, preventing the commandos from following. The captain of the Shi'ar ship that freed them chides #Blackcloak for allowing her to escape. Elsewhere, Rachel is fired upon as she flies over a railway track, causing her to fall. Fortunately both she and Maureen are saved from an incoming train by bystanders, who attempt to defend Rachel from the aliens. Up in orbit, the captain has his crew analyze the situation, and not liking the chances of success, tells the crew to prepare to fire on Rachel's position, with no regard for the Commando's lives.

Over the city, the #Blackbird is being escorted by one of the O*N*E Sentinels, as #ValCooper accompanies the #XMen inside. Then #Krait attacks. #Nightcrawler, #Psylocke and #Cannonball head outside to deal with him, while #Bishop handles the #Sentinel, using grappling hooks to stop it falling onto the city. Cannonball tries fighting Krait, but is warded off by rail-gun fire from #Warshot, who is quickly disabled by the Sentinel, to the admiration of a small child watching.

Rachel, meanwhile, has made her way to the Field Museum of Natural History, where #Warskrull is attacking her. He taunts her by asking which form she would prefer he killed her in, Kitty or her grandmother. Psylocke interrupts by ramming her blade through his brain, and Bishop arrives through the sky, attacking Blackcloak. Elsewhere in the building, Kurt disables #Hypernova with a solid kick to the head. With Blackcloak down, all the Commandos are accounted for, but before Rachel can thank everyone for saving her, she feels the #Shiar captain ordering his crew to fire. Thinking quickly, Rachel tells Betsy to join powers with her, forming a telekinetic shield that blocks the weapons fire, and then manages to redirect it back at the ship.

Later, Rachel enjoys a cup of coffee on the museum's front steps, and confides to Kurt that she had wanted to kill the Commandos, but decided not to in order to honor her mother's legacy.
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99 0 1


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