Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1 #99 (2009)

78 2 1

Contains the story "Ultimatum (Part 2)"

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
#WilliamStryker's #Sentinel unit raids the Xavier estate. After dealing a crippling blow to the #Syndicate head, Matthew, they finish the job by killing the second head, Luke.

Meanwhile, #Rogue is at #DepartmentH trying to recruit help to bring down #Magneto. She frees #Sabretooth from his cell and tries to intimidate her into helping him. Using power she gleaned from a telepath, Rogue enters Sabretooth's mind, but Sabretooth's #WeaponX training prevents her from perceiving anything but selected nightmarish images from his past. Regardless, she convinces Sabretooth to help out. Her colleague, #JohnWraith, meanwhile, violently convinces #Juggernaut to help them out as well. Rogue suddenly receives a psychic flash from #Psylocke and learns that William Stryker and his armored goon squad have invaded the #Xavier school.

Stryker's team surrounds the perimeter of the school, then begin making an inroad into the student campus. Elizabeth Allan, having only recently joined the team as #Firestar, buckles under the pressure and begins wantonly discharging fireballs. One of Stryker's men fires a blast at her, but #Toad intercepts the shot and is nearly killed.

Rogue and the others arrive and begin fighting Stryker's men. One of them fires a poison dart that manages to strike Juggernaut in the eye. The poison works quickly and Juggernaut seemingly dies in Rogue's arms. Rogue flies into a rage and attacks Stryker. Stryker taunts Rogue, citing that she is no different than he and that mutants deserve to be hated and feared.

#Marvel #Ultimatum #comics #firstprinting


Thanks @jjflightman! SO MANY MORE coming! 😀👍🏼


Awesome issue man. Really enjoy all your comics.


I love the cover

78 2 1


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