What If? Vol. 1, #23 (1980)

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What If the Hulk Had Become a Barbarian?

#WhatIf? Vol 1 #23
October, 1980
Contains the stories:
"What If... #Hulk's Girlfriend #Jarella Had Not Died?"

In a world where Jarella didn't die while visiting the Hulk's world in #IncredibleHulk #205, #HankPym later finds a way to return Hulk and #Jarella to K'ai permanently. There, they marry and join with K'ai's super-heroes to fight the Dark Gods that threaten to invade their world.

"What If #AuntMay Had Been Bitten By a Radioactive Spider?"

Aunt May is bitten instead of #Peter. #Ben doesn't die. She becomes a costumed hero.

Also, "The First Celestial Host"

Synopsis for "The First Celestial Host!"Edit
The #Celestials visit Earth for the first time and perform the experiments that result in the #Deviant, #Eternal, and #Mutant offshoots of humanity.


Some revelations in the main story can be interpreted as applicable to #Earth616 continuity as well.
The boy that #Jarella would have sacrificed herself to save is revealed to have been an illusion created by agents of the Dark Gods to subtly assassinate Jarella and keep Hulk from returning to K'ai. This reality diverges from 616 because the illusion falters before Jarella can act.
Hank Pym explains that K'ai doesn't actually exist within a single atom, but is rather a parallel world accessed by shrinking beyond the Planck Constant. This helps explain the infinitesimally small likelihood of the Hulk returning to that one particular world every time he's shrunk.
On their way through various Planck barriers, Hulk and Jarella pass through other "microscopic" worlds from earlier Marvel comics, including the world from #FantasticFour #16, the debris of Hyperion's homeworld, the Microverse of the Micronauts, the world from Incredible Hulk #201, and Psycho-Man's world. Later, these would all be established as different parts of the #Microverse.
K'ai is revealed to be closely linked to the world of the Dark Gods. The Dark Gods recognize Hulk as a threat and try to keep him from K'ai through their agents, #Psyklop and #CryptoMan, explaining those villains' involvement in Hulk's various trips to and from K'ai.

Synopses and Notes courtesy of #Marvel.


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409 5 4


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